An aspirant of the Volta Regional Chairmanship slot of the National Democratic Congress is calling on the party re-establish itself as the bedrock of social democracy by reviewing its machinery.
According to Frank Afriyie, the popular political ideology of the NDC seems to be losing grounds due to failure to articulate and demonstrate its beneficial elements in recent times.
“This overhaul will require a paradigm shift, a new way of thinking, at the regional level to consolidate and respond to the requirements of our grassroots and the country at large,” the statement read.
Mr Afriyie added although the party, since its inception, managed to harness the experience of the old while employing the dynamism of the youth, it has failed to create a harmonised system that uses the experience of the past with emerging trends of reform, renewal and growth. 
He explained that regardless of how long a person has served the party, times have changed and results command respect hence new faces should also be employed to help grow the party.
“Our aspirations are fairly different. Our social structure is fairly different. I believe a new face with new capabilities is required because our challenges are fairly different,” Mr Afriyie added.
He mentioned NDC needs to also retool and equip their branches with more dedicated leaders, required infrastructure, modern communications equipment and savvy technological systems in terms of mass and social media communications.
The party according to him, should re-emphasise the fact that leadership in is a call to service, a response to needs and a collaborative effort with all involved.

Mr Afriyie proposed an award scheme that will not only reward past leadership but will also inspire others to emulate their efforts.