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Friday, 13 December 2019




Often when mistakes are made, there is always a tendency to dwell upon them, to regret them, or to loath them. This is how many people instinctively respond to mistakes.

 However, this shouldnt be how we respond to mistakes. Dwelling upon mistakes will diminish your self-confidence and your creative self-expression. It will affect your performance and productivity, and make you feel absolutely miserable.

Moreover, when you dwell on mistakes, it can trigger the habits of procrastination and perfectionism, as well as a plethora of emotions such as anger, stress, worry, fear and frustration. This is certainly no way to live. And considering that mistakes are actually a positive and transformative force in life, you can see how many people have it all wrong. This habit of dwelling pessimistically upon mistakes often stems back to our childhood when you were incorrectly taught to avoid making mistakes, or when you did make them your parents or guardians would most likely treat mistakes as a negative and unwanted part of life. Of course your experience might have been different, however in all likelihood, mistakes werent viewed as a positive and beneficial part of growing up.

Stop viewing mistakes as something that is negative and hurtful. Instead, begin viewing mistakes as opportunities to re-evaluate the path you are taking towards your goals. It is possible that a mistake could help you find a short-cut that you previously overlooked. Or maybe its possible it might allow you to learn an important skill that will be vital for your future as you make progress along your journey.

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