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Friday, 13 December 2019


What a precious weekend especially when you have the strength to empower and impact lives. Lives that have a choice to make.
We write because we acknowledge that every good idea God gives to us is for the benefit of others. May be not for all people but just for one particular person at the time. To some others, it may be a reminder.
Look! There are three (3) things that can destroy you gradually but entirely. Before you know it, your life is useless and destroyed. I call them sneaking vampires because they get into one's life just by a little try and test and before you know it, you can't stop them.

BY: Promise Kofi Baccah

These are:-
1. Addiction to hard drugs such as alcohol
2. Lottery/Gambling
3. Love for women/men (Sexual addiction)

These sneaking vampires will destroy your finances, home and everything. Do you know their main gate? Bad friends. Most people wrestling with these vampires are those who associated with bad friends. Your friend is you. Little by little, these vampires will dig, get hold of you and destroy your self esteem and integrity completely. If you are not careful, they will blow like wind into your children and children's children. Why? Because you're an example.
Sneaking Vampires will suck your funds of investment and drain your good health. They will break your marriage and make your children scatter. They can also throw you into fierce of debt.
Run from them. Those who have these sneaking vampires hidden in their fingernails can infect you easily. Don't trust yourself too much. You are human. Run!
The Bible made it clear that they are satanic tools. Don't worry. At the right time, we shall discuss them but I hope you are reminded of something today.


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