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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

GJA Chairman in trouble

Eric Amoh
Eric Amoh
The Upper East Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), Mr Eric Amoh has come under pressure from a group calling itself Loyalists of Joseph Kofi Adda, the MP for Navrongo Central and Aviation Minister for describing him as childish and immature at a press Soirée organised by the Upper East Regional Coordinating Council recently.

Mr Amoh at the event had chastised Mr Adda for, among other things, vilifying the Upper Regional Minister in an interview with A1 Radio, describing his comments as childish and immature which are unbecoming of an experienced politician.

“This is a season that we are going to testify whether Ghana will be peaceful or not and especially when we are entering into political campaigns. Sadly, just somewhere last week something happened and even though I never called any of the NPP people to complain, I just want to complain from here so that you will take it up. Hon. Kofi Adda, MP for Navrongo, sadly, I must say behaved childishly when he went on air and started attacking colleague politicians especially the Minister for this region.

"I’m very sad, but I will not sit down to allow politicians to use the media to destroy the peace of this region. I won’t allow it. I may not own the medium which the politicians will use but as long as I stay as head of the media, I know the dangers that radio and other forms of media can do and for that matter it is going to be strictly sensible issues that have to discuss if you are a politician,” he is quoted to have said.

But the group is demanding an apology from the outspoken journalist given that his comments are damaging to the reputation of the much respected lawmakers.

“The GJA chairman’s comments seek to damage the reputation of Hon. Adda and put him up for public ridicule. To the best of our knowledge, Hon. Adda never attacked and has never made attempts to vilify any political figure in the region and country. He stands for peace, serenity and development and has been very integral in peace building in the region,” a statement demanding the apology read in part.

Meanwhile, Mr Amoh has called their bluff, insisting that he owes no one an apology for speaking his mind.

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