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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

*Virgin Mary Speaks On The Current Happenings In The World*

*My Final Warning*

Enter into My Immaculate Heart now. It is your safe refuge and most secure shelter for all God's children. This is the *last hope* My Son Jesus has given to mankind in this end of times - this time of great tribulations and chastisement - this time of the enemy of God and salvation - this great hour of darkness upon the world.

I, the Virgin Mary, the holy Mother of God, have from ages, pleaded to mankind to take advantage of the safe refuge of *My Immaculate Heart* to overcome the events of this end of times. They are gradually unfolding yet people are sleeping. The time to save is short, very short. My adversary, the *antichrist*, is closing up on my children.

The one and only true solution u have now is
*consecration to My Immaculate Heart which is Noah's Ark of your time.* Will you continue to doubt like the people in the days of Noah and wait until the flood of the red dragon catches up on you?

Children, do you not see what is already happening in the world?

Do you think everything will be normal again?
It will not be! Everything will never be normal again until the real trouble hits the world. Covid 19 is just a trigger for everything to fall in place. I, Virgin Mary, am your loving Mother
*I can't keep quiet and watch my children be taken unawares. No good mother will see destruction about befalling her children and keep quiet.*

This is why I have come today to speak to you. Will you listen to me? Will you follow My instructions? What the devil has in store against you is huge. When the lockdown is officially lifted the evil vaccine and microchip will be officially launched, and armed military will be used to enforce this into law.

Pray, pray, pray. They will search from house to house. Anyone who refuses to take the vaccine or microchip will be tortured or killed or imprisoned. *Apart from affecting the world and the Church, the lockdown was also used to buy out time to get the vaccines and microchip ready for official launching.*

*This lockdown will never be fully lifted until the evil vaccine and microchip are fully prepared.*

They would also use it to starve many to death. The enemy's agenda is scary. Do not forget that the microchip is the mark of the beast 666. When a person receives this mark he is damned forever.

*Heaven weeps and cries for what is going to hit the world. What is coming is unimaginable. It is beyond human comprehension. For ages, instead of resting and enjoying myself in Heaven, I have been going around the world warning my children, revealing so much secrets to them and pleading for them to repent, return to God and prepare with Me your heavenly Mother against the coming events. Who cares? Who listens to Me?*

Those who listen and try to help are ridiculed, maltreated, silenced and relegated to the background. Children, do not sit on this message of Mine or toy with it. As you receive it, read it, digest it, understand it, discuss it, and strive hard to share it amongst your families, loved ones, friends, neighbors etc until it reaches to the end of all four corners of the world.

The time has come to take the kingdom of God by force, that is, by denying yourselves of sweet things of the world, by repentance, reconciliation with one another, sacrifice, atonement and reparation.

*The time has come to chastise your body and make it obedient to the voice of Jesus My Son.*

Soldiers of my cohorts awake. Sleep no more. The enemy is here. The battle line has been drawn. It's going to be very explosive.

*But remember that I'm still the Great Woman of Genesis 3 vs 15; Rev. 12 and the Great Catena in Song of Songs 6: 8 - 10.*

I'm She who cometh forth as the morning Rising, fair as the Moon, bright as the Sun, and Terrible as an Army set in battle Array. I'm in battle array set to conquer your enemies. Come with me. Come along with your *Holy ROSARY.*
Put on your service uniform which is the *SCAPULAR,* wear your *SACRAMENTALS.*

*Never leave your house without  your Rosary, and without these blessed objects or sacramentals.* Anyone who does not have should go and buy as many as possible. For time shall come when you will no longer find any.

The enemy is subtly working very hard and fast, ceaselessly. You, too, must do the same. Come to my Immaculate Heart and I will lead you all in this battle of end of times. Let it be I who acts. For I am the Lady of victory.   

*~Virgin Mary speaks to Her children, Midnight, April, 24, 2020.*


~5 Decades of The Rosary.
~ Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
~ Prayer for Pope's Intention.

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