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Wednesday, 31 March 2021


By Jay Benedict & Senam Doe

 The residents of the Dewenu and Dewegodo communities in the Anloga District of the Volta Region have raised serious concerns about the dangerous state of a 56.4 metre long decrepit wooden foot bridge constructed on River Dewe some years ago.

The wooden foot bridge which was constructed by the then Keta Municipal Assembly to aid the free movement of people and goods across River Dewe has now become a deathtrap posing commuters, mostly school children and the aged who use it on a daily basis to a looming danger. The woodworks of the foot bridge has gradually worn-out, leaving a wide gaps in the structure.

This foot bridge links the Dewenu and Dewegodo communities whose social and economic activities are intertwined. School children risk their lives daily by treking on the dilapidated foot bridge to have access to basic education, which is their right, at Dewenu.

Heavily-pregnant women, the aged, the sick and the physically challenged are the most vulnerable as they find it extremely difficult to have access to healthcare at the nearest health post situated at the bank of the river, that is, Trekume. 

Hon. Alfred Amenorpe, former Assembly Member for Trekume electoral area narrates how on several occasions, the communities have to rescue people who fall off the foot bridge into the river Dewe. Some also get hurt by the loose "odum" boards laid down and the exposed nails and metal rod used in the construction.

According to him, the dilapidated foot bridge is not only a bane to the free movement of humans but also a hindrance to the development of the twin communities,  Dewenu and Dewegodo.

Most infrastructure projects are on cessation as goods and materials cannot be carried across the foot bridge.

Mainly sugarcane farmers, traders and distillers of the local gin, "Akpeteshi", the residents lament about the struggle they have to go through to transport their distilled "Akpeteshi", sugarcane and other farm products to the nearest big markets such as the Anloga, Atiavi, Dabala and Abor market.

The only available means of transport to them in recent times is the use of tricycle motor which has stopped coming to the Dewenu community because of the current state of the tumbledown foot bridge.

Residents of Dewenu and Dewegodo are, therefore, appealing to the Anloga District Assembly and the government as a matter of urgency to come to their aid as any further delay or neglect could completely cut them off from accessing necessities particularly healthcare and education from adjoining communities.

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