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Thursday, 1 April 2021


Hello Fellow country folks 

 I've been following the recent reports in the media space. Another day, another sad report of HOMICIDE and/or possible SUICIDE case in our beloved country. A young man(26) has murdered in cold blood his pregnant lover!!! Yes, pregnant lover. When I read the story, I was dazed and saddened to the bone. Questions started popping up in my mind. What happened to the them? How could love suddenly erode for a man to commit such a heinous crime? Couldn't anyone come to the aid of this poor lady? Was it worth it for this man to murder this lady and also try to commit suicide or end it all? What's his drive for this action? There's an obvious rise in crime and domestic violence in Ghana. Even for someone like me who hardly looks at the statistics, I felt something was wrong. According to the statistics general crime rates have increased substantially between 2020 and 2021. 


 As a Ghanaian, there are certain crimes I consider as foreign to our culture. One of those my perceived foreign crimes is homicide involving a married couple or intending couples or partners or even lovers. I am not by any chance creating the impression that this kind of crimes never happen in Ghana. But you are likely to see or hear or read most of those reported crimes from the Western nations. On the other hand, one crime that is very common but probably under reported is Domestic Violence. If the recent reports in the media are correct, then it looks like Ghanaian men have graduated from physical abuse to physically brutal murders and in some rare cases, culprits trying to commit suicide. What is accounting for this sudden change in behavior? An American takes a gun " kla kla pooh " victims dead; another " kla kla pooh " culprit kills himself or herself. A Ghanaian on the other hand obviously not rich enough to own a gun uses his or her bare hands to slap, punch, strangle, or push the victim or maybe poison the victim or probably with a kitchen knife or machete stabs the victim continually and watch him or her struggle and bleed to death. Honestly, physically abusing or stabbing to death and shooting a victim with a gun are all horrible, condemnable and just sheer insanity but I strongly believe that death caused by physical abuse is on a different and higher level of madness. 

  WHAT CAN A MAN ACHIEVE WITHOUT A WOMAN? I strongly believe men and women are equal before the law and the creator but also intrinsically different in nature and the roles they are assigned and the way they play those roles. The biology of a man is naturally and scientifically proven to be different from that of a woman. That's why World No. 1 Professional Women's Tennis Player, Serena Williams said she is likely to lose to a man ranked 50th in the Men's category. Wait a second, take a deep breath and imagine a professional lady boxer competing in the ring with the best pound for pound boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather. Even wicked Satan will not allow that bout to come off. So undoubtedly, men are naturally and undeniably stronger, faster, less emotional as compared to ladies because of the amount of testosterone levels in the Men's bodies. Just like a time bomb, men unlike women tend to hold in or subdue their challenges, troubles, concerns and emotions; waiting for the time to run down so they can explode when they are totally frustrated and/or overwhelmed. 


In my view there is a serious but probably ignored epidemic creeping in as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I could be blowing this issue out of proportion but the writings on the wall are pointing to an ever-approaching chaos. 

Ghana's population is on the increase and because of the Covid-19, National Debt is clearly on the rise. The Government's hands are tied and it can only increase TAXES. Our standards of Living are loosely dropping like a stone rolling down a mountain. In some cases, Bad Governance, Institutional Failure or Malfunction, Poor Productivity, Systemic Corruption and above all the unavoidable and unending fight against the Pandemic has left the country's economy in a deep pit and distressed. Do you know the extent of the negative effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Ghana? Many of our working youth have lost their meager jobs and livelihoods because companies can no more operate at full capacity and had to send most of their workers home with nothing. Informal Sector, Educational Sector, Industries, Tourism and Recreational Sector, Creative Arts Industry etc are the hardest hit. Those retrenched workers plus the casualties of the infamous Banking sector clean up have joined the Pre-CoronaVirus unemployed youth to create an even messier unemployment deficit in the country. Fellow Ghanaians, can you begrudge me when I say that our sanity levels could potentially be dropping bit by bit?

 I believe financial pressure has capacity to deplete or erode a sacred thing like LOVE and further push a person to do the unthinkable. Pre-Covid gainfully employed wives have suddenly become overnight Housewives. Pre-Covid active and responsible husbands have all of a sudden turned into over-dependent and irresponsible babysitting men. Pre-Covid chaste ladies are increasingly becoming secret cheaters just to keep their relationships running. Pre-Covid loving and caring men are now being drowned in their egos and are fast turning into dupers, fakers, tricksters, cheaters, violent murderers, child abusers etc. Women are secretly also abusing their men partners because they have become irresponsible and lost respect and standing in their homes. The men frustrated; the women are also frustrated. Depression! Yes Depression which is largely not considered or regarded as a health condition on the African continent is perhaps regrettably setting in because of the obvious Economic cum financial frustrations and the global uncertainty sponsored by the infamous Coronavirus Pandemic.

Fellow country folks, wouldn't you now agree with me that there is a big problem and therefore Ghanaians could be dealing with PSYCHOLOGICAL and/or PSYCHIATRIC or MENTAL ISSUES? I guess you now see where I am coming from. All INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS have a role to play to help maintain and sustain the LOVE and CARE for people who could be faced with these Psychiatric problems in our country. HUSBANDS have supporting roles to play in their families. WIVES should endeavor to be more complementary in these rare season of uncertainty. CHILDREN should try to adapt and get used to current situational demands if possible to diffuse family tensions. Other FAMILY RELATIONS, notwithstanding their personal problems should try as much as possible to support and embrace their relatives who are struggling or going through tough times. MALES in committed relationship should try to be more Open and Honest enough to communicate with their female counterparts on their financial situation so the ladies can adjust or adapt voluntarily and consensually.

 Also, FEMALES in committed relationships are also encouraged to keep in mind or not to forget easily the good times before the Covid invasion and make necessary sacrifices that could go a long way to hold their relationships together. IS THE SYSTEM TRULY NOT WORKING? Have institutions like the DOVVSU, NCCE, GHANA INFORMATION SERVICE, CHRAJ, Ghana Police Service, Ministry of Gender and Social Protection, Ministry of Culture, The Judiciary, The Media, CSOs, Religious Groupings, Traditional Authorities, The Parliament of Ghana, Ghana Health Service, and The Government of Ghana done enough? Have we done enough as individuals? Have we done enough as a people? Things are not fine so my candid answer is a big NO! MAKE A WISH.. I would love to see a Ghanaian society in which abused partners proactively put their family and law enforcement agencies on high alert so they can react most quickest when the victims place distress call to them. I would also love to see law enforcement and protective agencies like DOVVSU, Police Service, NCCE and CHRAJ adequately or fully funded to deliver on their respective mandates. It will bring me great joy to see The Media, NCCE, INFORMATION SERVICE, Traditional and Religious Authorities, CSOs, Ministry of Gender and Social Protection and Ministry of Culture work together to develop a new or improved policy direction and framework and further educate citizens accordingly. I will be excited to see CSOs working with The Parliament of Ghana to research, debate, redevelop or amend our old laws to reflect the new normal environment we are in. To see Government focusing enough attention and adequately resourcing the Mental Health Service and by extension the Ghana Health Service will definitely be a welcome news. The Prisons and other correctional institutions must be made conducive and fit for purpose. THROW MORE LIGHT To conclude with, let's be mindful that violence is violence and can happen at anywhere, to anybody, in any manner at any time. Could erupt between Master/Madam and a Household worker AKA House boy or girl. Violence could also be seen at our workplaces between Master/Madam and Apprentice. Its very important we as Ghanaians appreciate the fact that the Covid-19 Pandemic has left an already crawling Ghanaian system and economy traumatized. Ghana could be likened to an egg in the hands of a baby. The probability of the egg falling off the baby's hands or the baby probably throwing the egg away is very high. What we can do as a people to salvage the situation is to quickly rush in and take the egg from the baby. So let's individually and collectively as a society quickly rush in to put a stop or slower the rates of increase of the insanity being express through HOMICIDE and SUICIDE. Regrettably, these madness is creeping into the nation. I strongly believe that if the scars of the excesses of the revolution in 1979 couldn't divide us then we can once again work together to battle our way out of the negative effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Ghanaian Economy and System. 

 By Herbert Degollo
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